2019 CPM Teacher Conference!

We host this conference as an investment in the most important educational resource that America has—the classroom teacher. We are honored that you chose to join us. It is our hope that what you saw, heard, did, and learned at this conference will leave you motivated and inspired to continue the pursuit of mathematics with your students and colleagues.

We extend a thank you to those who were willing to present their ideas and strategies with their colleagues. We hope you enjoyed your time in the beautiful San Francisco area and left energized to continue empowering your students. We hope to see you next year!

Consider speaking at the 2020 CPM Teacher Conference: February 22 & 23, 2020
Share your experience and the lessons you have learned teaching students how to reason, solve problems, and communicate mathematically.

Speaker proposals are due by May 15, 2019.

As lead speaker, you will receive one complimentary registration and a conference grant to help defray the cost of the conference. The amount of the conference grant has yet to be determined.


Join the conversation! Use the app to tweet and share the sessions you are attending or presenting. Twitter: @CPMmath, #CPMSF19, #CPMmath, #MoreMath; Facebook: @CPMEducationalProgram

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Saturday, February 23

7:00am PST

8:00am PST

8:30am PST

9:45am PST

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11:20am PST

12:35pm PST

Do Your Students Know What They Don't Know? Embassy B; Embassy SuitesMark Cote • Laura Bell • TRC Encouraging Student Self-Reflection Through Concept-Based Assessment Embassy C; Embassy SuitesCheryl Krafka • Kara Jessup Get Past Points to Make Feedback Functional: Mastery Grading Diplomat A; Embassy SuitesJames Nugent • Katherine Wittig Building Better Teams Diplomat B; Embassy SuitesAmy Ridling • Marie Allred • Theresa Lunsford Classroom Management Refresh Glimmer; HiltonMark Jones • April Bain How Can My Study Teams Increase Mathematical Discourse and Accountability? Prism; HiltonHeather Penk • Erin Schneider Thriving as a Beginning CPM Teacher 101 Reflection I; HiltonSharon Rendon • Suyeon Hwang Addressing Status Issues to Support Student Collaboration Reflection III; HiltonAndrew Reifers • Lisa Comfort • Cheryl Tucker Co-Teaching in the CPM Classroom Reflection II; HiltonCarmel Draper • Lisa Hennessey • Julie Le Do You Desmos? Using Desmos to Increase Engagement and Understanding Spectrum I; HiltonDarrell Trussell • Kathy Henderson Getting the Most from Technology: Desmos Activities in Your CPM Classroom Embassy A; Embassy SuitesJulie Jackson • Christopher Danielson TABLE TALK: #MTBoS: Find Your Math Community Ambassador B; Embassy SuitesLonnie Bellman • Amy Zimmer Why Might Using Math in Physics Class be so Hard? Spectrum II; HiltonCandice Tyloch • Victor Mateas Interactive Notebooks in the Classroom Ambassador A; Embassy SuitesGerry Long • Emily Culpepper • Rebecca Hurst

2:10pm PST

Going Paperless: Meaningful Assessments Without Paper Embassy B; Embassy SuitesScott Blatnick • Patricia Vandenberg • Adam Varnes (@MathsterVarnes) Integrating Performance Tasks into your CPM Math Curriculum Embassy C; Embassy SuitesKrista Holstein • Daisy Lora-Gonzalez • Wendy Lozano The Journey to Mastery: Mastery-Based Grading in CPM Reflection III; HiltonPam Lindemer • John Hayden Differentiating Curriculum with CPM in Geometry and Beyond Diplomat A; Embassy SuitesGail Standiford • Elizabeth Kohne • Heather Rios Grouping Students, Icebreakers, and Brain Breaks, Oh My! Ambassador A; Embassy SuitesLaura Lethe • Emily Culpepper • Rebecca Hurst Tiny Teamwork: CPM Strategies for One (or Two) Team Classrooms Ambassador B; Embassy SuitesAmy Zimmer • Gail Anderson Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) & CPM Collaboratively Prism; HiltonLaila Nur • Stephany Perez • Sana Suzuki-Bishop Supporting Language Learners in the CPM Classroom Diplomat B; Embassy SuitesScott Coyner • Bailey Feit • Lucy Imig Writing Small Goals = Big Successes! Glimmer; HiltonBob Petersen • Cathy Simmen • TRC Building Social + Creative Classrooms with Technology Reflection I; HiltonKaren Wootton • Eli Luberoff CPM & Google Classroom Synergy Reflection II; HiltonAmy Rybaczuk • Evelyn Casas "Same/Different": A Mathematical Language Routine for Connecting Strategies Spectrum II; HiltonCarol Cho • Devin Rossiter Get Your Students to Own Their Thinking Spectrum I; HiltonTim Scripko • Denise Dedini Math Talks: Increasing Dialogue and Discourse Among Teams Embassy A; Embassy SuitesBruce Brusoe • Anthony Jones • TRC Mathematical Doubts and Problem Posing as a Way to Understand Epistemic Needs of Students Suite 333; HiltonPriyanka Agarwal • CPM Research Fellowship

3:25pm PST

3:45pm PST

Authentic Assessment Tools That Impact Student Learning Embassy A; Embassy SuitesBruce Brusoe • Anthony Jones • TRC Formative Assessment Tools that Engage Students Embassy B; Embassy SuitesScott Blatnick • Nancy Yamagata CPM Year One Journey: Success, Struggles, and Year Two Implementation Ambassador B; Embassy SuitesAmy Zimmer • George Mitchell • Pamela Rayburn Increasing Engagement Through Team Centered Games Embassy C; Embassy SuitesKrista Holstein • Shannon R Brubaker • Christine Haley-Hughes Team Building Tuesday Ambassador A; Embassy SuitesLaura Lethe • Jenni White • TRC Heterogenous Classes - How We Can Improve Mathematics Education for All Students Prism; HiltonLaila Nur • Catherine Thompson Inspirations & Ideas: CPM's 8th Grade Intervention Course Reflection II; HiltonAmy Rybaczuk • Mark Ray Real Life Co-Teaching at a Real Life High School Glimmer; HiltonBob Petersen • Erin Hommowun • Nicole Morehouse Strategies for Students with Special Needs Diplomat A; Embassy SuitesGail Standiford • Erin Kenney • TRC Walking Through a Math Lesson with Equity in Mind Spectrum I; HiltonTim Scripko • Tracy Frank • Melissa Thomley Implementing the 5 Practices with Desmos Reflection I; HiltonKaren Wootton • Eli Luberoff Pixar in a Box: a Matrimony of Mathematics and Movies Diplomat B; Embassy SuitesScott Coyner • Lisa Amick Debate That! Empowering Students Through Debate in Math Spectrum II; HiltonCarol Cho • Chris Luzniak All About the Details: Focus on Closure & Building Student Ownership Reflection III; HiltonPam Lindemer • Tracey Brandl • Megan Kean • TRC

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